Saturday, February 15, 2014

Butterfly Lapbooks

 I thought I would share the Butterfly lapbooks I made for my kids.
The one on the left is for first grade and the one on the right is preschool/kindergarten level.
Keep in mind that these are the duplicates I made for my sister's kids.
 This is the 1st/2nd grade level lapbook cover. There is a diagram of butterfly parts on the top.
The butterfly ballad (song) is in the green border. I got that from SuperTeacherWorksheets.
The red pocket contained pictures of butterflies for a game inside.
 This is inside the folder.
There is a life cycle of a butterfly circle that turns to reveal each stage in the cycle.
I found this on Super Teacher Worksheets too.
The strips of paper on the right are for practicing measuring.
Each strip is to the nearest inch or nearest centimeter. 
The life cycle of a butterfly flip book (red and yellow book on left) is for each stage in the life cycle.

The caterpillar has sight words and I made a set milk jug lid sight words to match.
This is a simple matching game of matching sight word to caterpillar.
And this is only a few sight words, not all of them.
See below for the lids and painted box I made to go with this.
Notice I made a set of numbers and capital letters to go with this too.
 Here is another view of the inside of the 1st/2nd grade folder.
The book I'm holding up in the picture is just pictures of the
progression of a caterpillar to a chrysalis and the coming out of a butterfly. 
I found those online by using a search engine (keyword: butterfly metamorphosis).
A great site is
Look up their life cycle page for these photos.

The cards on the left are what was in the blue pocket.
They are sequence cards of the stages of a butterfly.

The clock cards are on the bottom right and go with the clock face.
 I cut up a large index card into strips and put three different times on them.
I put three times that are easy, medium, and hard.
 This was a stand alone sheet that I laminated and stuck inside. 
This has room for math problems that can be used with a white board marker.
It can be erased and used many times.
 Here is the back side of the laminated sheet.
This is to be used the butterflies that are in the red pocket
on the front of the lapbook. The game is to pick several butterflies
and sort tally up how many have a certain color.
Then graph the results on the graph below.
 This is the inside of the Pre-K/K lapbook.
I made a caterpillar with lower case letters of the whole alphabet.
I made matching lids with capital letters to match for tactile work on letters.

I have a colors book on the left that is a flip book for the rainbow colors.
The book below is for the basic shapes and is also a flip book.

I made sequence cards, life cycle circle, and easy clock cards like the other folder.
The red pocket contains number practice cards. See below for more information.
These are the counting cards and I made a set of lids
that have the numbers 1-10 on them to go with these.
I used a butterfly stamp and different colors to make these.
I made a set of lids with each stage of the butterfly cycle for tactile arrangement too.

If you want to see the rest of the butterfly unit, check the label "Butterfly unit."

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