Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Butterfly Garden: Live caterpillars that change into butterflies

After we received the box, we ordered the live caterpillars.
I thought I would share our experience with pictures.

 These are the caterpillars on arrival and the day
before they started making chrysalises.

Take a note if you do this, read the instructions and
don't put the caterpillars in direct sunlight. They die.
We received 5 caterpillars and only had 4 survive.
Don't tell my kids.

 The caterpillars didn't form their chrysalises all on one day.
It took about 3 days for all of them to make their chrysalises.

According to the order they formed their chrysalises,
they all hatched. It took about 3 days for them all to hatch. 
We got extremely lucky in that we caught a butterfly just
as it was coming out. My son sat and watched the miracle of this
tiny bug crawl out all slimy and spread out its wings.

One of the last butterflies to hatch didn't get its wings out
all the way before it dried. So, it had a deformed wing
that was curled outward. We were worried about it,
but it flew just fine and took off when we let them go.

I admit that it is pretty cool to watch.

About 2 days after all the butterflies hatched,
we set them free in a good grassy, flowery place. 
My son tried to chase them. They are too fast.
Definitely a great thing to do with your kids. 
I recommend this as a fun summer activity.

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