Saturday, February 15, 2014

Butterfly Unit

To continue with the Butterfly lapbooks, here are some fun activities to do with your butterfly unit.

 Butterfly Symmetry game.
I take no credit for this except I made my own set.
I got this from All Our Days blog. 
She included a free printable that makes this so easy.
All you have to do is print, cut out felt pieces, and you have your own set.
She also has a toddler version of this if this is too hard for your little one.
 Water color caterpillar.
I took a plastic cup and dipped it in black paint to make the original circles.
I did this the day before and let it dry.
Then, the kids colored with water colors in each circle. 
This is a great opportunity to teach about primary colors and secondary colors.
 Life cycle of a butterfly. 
I just cut out a large circle and let the kids glue on the parts.
For the parts: I have white small beans as eggs.
I have Fusilli pasta for the caterpillar (I had to look that pasta name up.).
I used acorns for the Chrysalis (or cocoon).
I have farfalle pasta for the butterflies.
 I found wooden butterfly cut outs at the Dollar Store.
I hot glued a Popsicle stick on one side to make puppets.
We colored the butterflies with markers, but you could paint too.
We stuck these outside in the garden once they were done.
 Coffee Filter butterflies.
For further pictures and instructions go HERE.
You can color the filters with washable markers and
then get them a little wet to blur the colors. 
You could watercolor them or even paint them. 
Once colored and dried, take the wooden
clothespin and bunch the filter in the middle. 
Take the pipe cleaners and make antenna. 
You could attach goggly-eyes to the clothespins too.
I forgot to take pictures of the completed project.
Beaded pipe cleaner caterpillars.
I stuck a bead on the end and twisted the pipe cleaner around it.
Then I gave the kids each a box of beads to make a caterpillar.
This is a great way to practice patterns, colors, even shapes.
The beads stay on pretty well and this would be great for younger kids too.

Have fun with butterflies!

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