Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bobcat Badge Lapbook

***Revised Jan 24th, 2016: After many requests for these printables, I have made them available online on my TPT store. They are free and include a printable mini storybook to go with it.
For the Storybook go HERE.
For the rest of the printables to make the lapbook go HERE.
Also, if you don't have access to the extra pamphlet, go HERE
My son is now a scout. How did this happen? I swear he was just a baby last week. Yikes!

I have a confession. I know NOTHING about scouting. Yes, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nothing.

And then I found out that the whole scouting program was changing just as my son is starting. So, the leaders are not really knowledgeable about the program or the requirements. Great.

I am not comfortable knowing nothing and having no one else really know what they are doing either. I decided to take it upon myself to actually read the manual. Weird, I know. This whole badge thing seems pretty straight forward. 

We are starting in the beginning with the Bobcat rank. I decided to make a lapbook to have a visual for all the requirements for Bobcat. My son really learns from lapbooks and they are nice to keep for future kids too (like his younger brother who is still a baby--and I want him to stay that way). Without further ado, here is the Bobcat lapbook, in picture form.

 This is the front.
The inside as a whole.  
I don't have close ups of the Scout law (black far left center) or
 the exercises out of the booklet (yellow far right center). 
I simply printed those and stuck them directly to the lapbook.
#3 Just a foldable book.
 Inside of foldable book.
Red pocket with a copy of Scout Oath and Scout Law.
I am making a game out of these, but that is another post for another day.
#4, matchbook style
 Inside with meaning and picture.
 This was an extra that was not really part of the Bobcat badge.
Since I know nothing about scouting and the manual kept referring to Akela, I looked it up. The old manual told a whole story about Akela and the meaning behind the term. The new manual doesn't explain it. I found a printable version of the story and made a cute little book to read to my son. He needs to know this stuff too.
I found a pdf of the old wolf manual.
Click on THIS and print pages 14-19.
I printed 4 pages per sheet. I used construction paper, glue, and staples and made a book.
 Front of the book
 Two of the pages. It ended up being 6 pages long.
My son liked listening to the story and understanding the term.
#2  This is a nice break down of the Scout Law.
Each of the character traits is defined underneath.
 This is a poor picture of the front of the Scout Law spot.
 #5 Cub Scout motto. This is a layered book.
2nd page of layered book has the meaning. 
The last page of the layered book is the motto with picture. 
#6 Cub Scout salute is a book with tabs. 
 2nd page of Cub Scout salute. This has the meaning.
This picture also gives a nice close up of #7.
It needs to be done outside of the lapbook, but needs a reminder here.
 last page of Cub Scout salute with picture.
 This is just a fun book with the Scout Oath on top.
The inside of the Scout Oath book.
I am going to take a picture of my son in his uniform and
put it in the inside page. It will be fun to see how much he will grow.

In case you missed the note on the top, the free printables can be found at the following links:
For the Storybook go HERE.
For the rest of the printables to make the lapbook go HERE.
Also, if you don't have access to the extra pamphlet, go HERE

So, here is the whole lapbook. If you have questions, just leave me a comment.