Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Great Chicken Experiment: Review

This is the end of my adventures of taking two chickens and making them feed two adults for 7 days. I originally aimed for having one chicken feed one adult for 6 days, but I made it stretch more. If you count that I have two freezer meals in my deep freezer, then I guess I could say I used the chicken for eight meals.

Let's recap. I took two chickens, like the one above and cut it up into pieces. Each meal was made with pieces from the original birds.

Here are the meals for each day in picture form.

Here are some numbers for you math-types. I bought two full chickens for $11.74. I made that chicken stretch for 7 meals. That works out to $1.68 per meal OR $0.84 for each person. That's pretty good for my budget.

$1.68 per meal for 2 adults or $0.84 for each person

So, what do you think?
Possum wants to know...

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