Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Egg Craft

 "Stain Glass" Easter Eggs is a fun craft for all ages.

This craft requires:
1. tissue paper 
2. clear contact paper 
3. scissors
4. 1 sheet of construction paper (per child) for the egg outline.

I found the contact paper and the tissue paper at the $0.99 Store.
So this craft cost $2. I like that kind of craft. 
I have lots left over that can be used for future crafts too.

1. Fold your construction paper the long way (We call it the Hot Dog way). I used black, but any color would be fine.

2. Cut out an egg shape and cut out the center leaving just an outline of an egg (see the black outlines in the picture above).

3. Cut up your colored tissue paper into small manageable pieces. I found smaller pieces are better for older kids who have more patience, but you know your kid (s). Cut accordingly. I used some scrapbook scissors for fancy cut-outs.

4. Cut a piece of clear contact paper and remove the paper backing. This gives you a piece of sticky clear paper. Place it on the table with sticky side up. Place your egg cut out on the sticky part.

5. Let the kids put the cut up tissue paper on the contact paper until they are satisfied.

6. Cut another piece of contact paper and remove the paper backing. Place the sticky side to the decorated piece of your "eggs." This is like laminating the eggs. I cut out around the eggs to remove some of the extra tissue paper that got stuck.

7. Hang your creation and enjoy it!

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