Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Great Chicken Experiment Introduction

I have decided to try my hand at stretching my food bill with you. Follow me on an adventure to make a chicken feed 1 adult for at least 6 days. Since there are only 2 adults in our house, I only did 2 chickens.

For all you really frugal and cool cooks out there, this is my version of food. I could slow cook this baby and make 8 meals with tiny portions of chicken in each and really stretch my budget--but I don't want to! I want 6 meals where chicken is a main ingredient and yummy! So, read on with that in mind.

So, I bought 2 full chickens with a total weight of 11.86 lbs.
I cut up the chickens into 8 pieces each. So, I have 16 pieces total.
This is the most annoying step and I gave it one picture. Sorry. My hands were too dirty to take pictures. If you want a tutorial on how to cut up a chicken, there are several great ones online:

Here is the plan:

Check in each day for your daily dinner recipe. Join me in my chicken experiment and see if the results are worth repeating.

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