Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Snack Time: Apple & grape cars

Snack Time:
Today's snack time is a simple but fun way to eat fruit.

My ingredients: one apple, a handful of grapes, some toothpicks, and a pair of scissors

I cut an apple into wedges and sliced my grapes in half. I cut the toothpicks in half with the scissors. Poke half a toothpick into the apple and stick a grape on either side of the toothpick. Put two sets of "wheels" on each apple slice to create your cars.

Be warned, this may lead to car noises, driving the cars across the table, and other such play. You may end up with play time instead of snack time, but playing with your food can be fun. The cars don't stay together too well when being driven and then will have to be sent to the wrecking yard. At the wreck yard, all cars are sent into the wrecking machine (i.e. eaten).

So, grab an apple, some grapes and have some fun!

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